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Dozer owner operator income protection insurance

Is there a way to ensure that your dozer owner operator income protection insurance doesn’t shortchange your needs? Heavy equipment owners, who also double as operators, are often exposed to a variety of risks including injuries or occupational illnesses common in worksites. Think about falling into a ditch causing you to suffer from a debilitating neck or spine injury, trauma to the hands, knees or eyes, hip fractures, or worse, serious head injury from smashing your head on a rock. These may sound like they are far-fetched but accidents do happen and often, when you’re caught unprepared.

The Joy Of Being Prepared

Fortunately, there are various specialty insurances for earthmovers to assist with their needs when caught in unexpected an debilitating accidents. Dozer owner-operator income protection insurance, for instance, helps address the harrowing aspects of losing monthly wages in the event of you succumbing to an occupational illness or injury from a worksite accident. While your heavy equipment may be insured, that insurance cannot provide a steady income stream to cover your expenses while you recuperate.

It is also important to note though that not all insurance policies are crafted in the same way. Do not just believe an insurance agent’s promise but rather, try to read the fine print of your policy. Do not be deceived with cheap premiums, only to lose out on certain benefits essential for your welfare or your family’s well-being. Always take time to seek out a professional that understands your needs and can provide the best guidance.

Whether income protection insurance for earthmovers or other insurance, for that matter, finding comprehensive coverage should be tailored to one’s needs. For instance, a dozer owner-operator is exposed to different occupational risks than that of a courier van owner-operator. Though both handle moving vehicles, earthmovers are exposed to more serious risks due to their exposure in a more hazardous environment. This makes their needs for protection more profound and their premiums higher, too. Be reminded that occupational injuries to earthmover owner-operators can result in longer recuperation periods thus, also the need for a substantial coverage to address them.

This is why experienced dozer owner-operators or earthmovers as a whole require more comprehensive insurance policies in substance rather than in form. Aside from getting income protection insurance, dozer owner-operators may also opt to obtain coverage for life insurance to provide cumulative protection in the event of a disaster. While income protection insurance provides a short-term safety net in keeping you financially stable even when sick or injured, life insurance will help your family recover financially should the unthinkable happen in the event of an accident on a worksite.

When emergency calls, who do you call? Definitely, a quick call to an insurer’s claim department offers much needed relief while you recuperate. Dozer owner-operator income protection insurance is an excellent way to start protecting yourself from the harsh realities of life. Adding a life insurance or another type policy may also help. Bottom line is: it is wiser to be prepared than to be caught off-guard. To learn more, call our hotline or send us a request for a free quote.