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Do you honestly believe that your private health insurance can cover all your needs when recovering from injury? Many grader owner/operators have experienced the limitations of workers’ compensation as well as limited if any income protection relief available on their private healthcare insurance. This fact can make being a grader owner/operator quite challenging. What do you think will happen to you and your family when no adequate support is available as a result of damage to your vehicle or worse whilst you recover from injuries sustained as part of undertaking your daily work?

Daily Risks

Everyday when a grader owner-operator steps into his cab to operate it,there is always the risk of the unexpected happening. Graders are normally used in the construction arena. They help with the preparation of the ground base or with the maintenance of dirt and gravel roads. In most cases, a grader is utilized to flatten a surface in preparation for cement or asphalt to be applied.Construction worksites requiring grader assistance do not represent your average workplaces. These sites are often filled to the brim with hazards. These hazards are even more-so when it comes to large construction firms who undertake round-the-clock works wherenight-time levelling activities pose a much bigger challenge in terms of safety.

As a motor grader owner-operator you are providing for your family. As part of this work you are often placed in a precarious situation. As a skilled worker you are exposed to accidents on a worksite that can lead to injuries and damage to your vehicle. Whilst your vehicle is covered by insurance, income lost as a result of this damage can affect your ability to manage bills and pay debts. Keep in mind that as an owner-operatoryou are not covered by a contracting company’s workers’ compensation insurance unless it is specified in your contract agreement. If this is not the case, it is time to consider income protection insurance tailored to suit your needs as a grader owner-operator.

Safety Net

An injury from a work-related accident or occupational illness can easily turn a grader owner-operator’s life upside-down. Think of the potential threats to your livelihood if you were to unforeseeably lose a limb or catch a chronic illness due to toxic exposure. Handling heavy equipment like a motor grader can also be stressful as you will be highly exposed to worksite hazards. Add to that the issue of fatigue, stress from noise and occupational health hazards on the worksite and so on. As an owner-operator, you can understand how these workplaces are never short of accidents and risks.

Such incidents in a high-risk environment require that you have the appropriatelevel of insurance available to you. If you become unwell or experience an unfortunate accident, you and your family will have noincome to rely on and this will create problems later on. With income protection insurance in place, you can focus on your recovery without being pre-occupied about having to get yourself back on your feet before you are able to do so as you will have a steady flow of income coming in to help you handle your needs and that of your family. You will be able to focus on your recovery with peace of mind.

Being an owner-operator of a motor grader can deliver great earnings within the construction industry at this timeof great activity. This occupation is never free from risks. Even when there are operational excellence and safety management systems in place, there is still that possibility of a worksite accident or illness as a result of occupational errors. It is important to be prepared for the unexpected by having a grader owner-operator income protection insurance policy in place. To learn more, call our contact number or email to request a free quote.