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Barge Insurance

Are you having difficulty deciding what type of barge insurance to buy? If you don’t have a clear idea of the scope of protection coverage that must be added on your proposed insurance policy, perhaps a broker is the solution to this problem. Here’s how a broker can be of great assistance with your insurance buying plan.

  • Do all the negotiation on your behalf

When buying a barge insurance policy the role of an insurance broker is to perform all the negotiations on a client’s behalf. So if you are busy supervising a cargo business and can’t spare the time to meet insurers, the broker can be your middleman during the negotiation process.

  • Facilitate the quick processing of the insurance purchase

One of the reasons why a licensed broker will come in pretty useful when buying barge insurance is for the quick processing of your purchase. The broker will prepare all the documents and other paperwork required by the insurer for your purchase. In fact, all you have to do is provide accurate information like name, complete address, model and size of your barge equipment and market value of this unit. The broker will consolidate all these facts and submit it to the insurance provider for the final draft of your insurance policy.

  • Gives professional advice

One of the key responsibilities of a licensed broker when it comes to your plans to buy barge insurance is to give you professional advice on the following issues:

  • The level of protection coverage you must include in your proposed insurance policy

  • How to lower your insurance premium

  • Ways to reduce the level of risks you face while using the barge

  • Support when filing a claim

Among the privileges you receive when hiring a broker is to get the much needed support during that most challenging moment when you have the worry of filing an insurance claim. If you have numerous other obligations to attend to after a major crisis like the sudden breakdown of your barge equipment, the role of a broker is to ease your burden by extending a helping hand when you need it most. For example, instead of you personally filing the insurance claim, your hired broker will take on this task and carry out the responsibility of filing it on your behalf.

Things to consider before contacting a broker:

If you want the assurance of working only with an experienced broker specialising in heavy equipment and machinery, I suggest you do the following before booking an appointment:

  • Research the background of the prospective broker and verify if he or she is licensed.

  • Check reviews or testimonials shared by past clients who used the broker’s services.

  • Do a price survey on the prevailing fees charged by brokers in your area.

  • Visit an online insurance website provider and enquire if they are affiliated to professional brokers.

  • Read the scope of the terms and conditions that may apply when using the services of a professional broker.

    Truck Insurance HQ are brokers that will act on your behalf from getting quotes through to filing claims on your behalf, so if you are looking for Barge Insurance then you should call Truck Insurance HQ today on 1300 815 344 or request a quote online.