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Skid Steer Insurance

Do you own a skid steer loader? Perhaps you operate this earthmoving equipment as part of your job. Regardless of whether you own or operate it, expect greater risks involved every time you come in direct contact with one of these earthmovers. For your protection, it’s best you get the exact skid steer insurance coverage needed. Below is a quick introduction to risks that to deal with one way or another, when using earthmoving equipment like a skid steer loader as well the types of protection coverage you can include in a prospective insurance policy.

Risks related to the use of a skid steer loader

Whether you are a sole trader, independent building contractor or a business owner who operates a skid steer loader, there are different risks and among them are:

  • Damage to plant, property and even the public

  • Damage that affects surrounding areas

  • Physical injury to the operator or third party

  • Disruption on the site

  • Theft

  • Loss of the skid steer loader

  • Accidental trips, slips and falls to workers or sub-contractors and their assigned operators

What can be covered as part of skid steer insurance protection coverage?

For peace of mind that you are protected against the risks mentioned, any insurance company that provides insurance products for earthmoving and other heavy duty equipment must offer the following types of protection coverage as part of a proposed skid steer insurance policy:

  • Public liability

  • Any incident that occurs while excavating and results in physical harm to a third party or property

  • Unauthorised access on the earthmoving equipment

  • Liability to sub-contractors

  • Damage to others, like a customer‘s or third party’s property

  • Third party injury

  • Personal accident

This protection is for sole traders who are the ones operating the skid steer loader and can claim on skid steer insurance for any incident causing personal accident.

What types of protection should a skid steer operator get in their insurance policy?

For operators of skid steer earthmoving equipment, the types of protection can cover the following:

  • Management liability

  • Professional liability

How to get a skid steer insurance quote

Below are the best ways to get a skid steer insurance quote:

  • Contact a reputable insurance company that specialises in earthmoving and heavy equipment units like skid steer loaders and request a free quote.

  • Hire a licensed insurance broker to represent you when approaching various insurers and get a good price for your skid steer insurance policy.

  • Check an online insurance website and use their online calculator for your proposed skid steer insurance policy.

  • Do it on your own. This can be time consuming in visiting different online insurance companies to personally request a free quote.

Operating earthmoving equipment like the skid steer requires high level of operational skills as well as strong presence of mind to prevent any risks arising. Whether you are a sole trader, sub-contractor or a proud owner of the latest skid steer unit, it’s a wise move that you start talking now with prospective insurers and many relevant quotes to help you choose the perfect skid steer insurance policy. Stay confident as you carry out your work by getting the right insurance protection coverage.

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