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Tri Axle Trailer Insurance

If your Tri Axle Trailer has been involved in an accident it is time to file a Tri Axle Trailer Insurance Claim with your insurer and draw benefits out of your insurance coverage. But you need to carefully and strategically approach and furnish all the details and information about the accident and damage. Here we take a look at five things that you need to remember while filing Tri Axle Trailer Insurance Claim.

  1. Know The Insurance Rules
    We have seen numerous instances when the crew members are often unaware of the exact coverage of their insurance policy. This often results in failing to claim the benefits of the coverage under your policy. For instance, some policies do cover substitute trailer, towing, storage, emergency repairs, lock and key replacement and much more. Educate your crew members on the coverage as this will help you exercise maximum insurance benefits.

  2. Don’t Hide Any Losses
    When you have been involved in an accident it is important that you report all losses. There is a tendency among come clients to selectively report losses as they often tend to classify losses as minor and major. In any accident, you often exercise little control over the claims filed by the other parties involved. While the accident may not result in any visible injuries to the other parties involved their claims at a later stage can act as a roadblock and delay a successful claim. So recollect every event of the incident and report it all in your claim form.

  3. Gather Evidence & Provide It All
    To successfully earn due benefits from an insurer you would need to gather and present as much evidence and information as possible about the accidents. As a practice, you or your crew members should take photographs of the accident site to show the extent of damage. These images can also go a long way in establishing the cause of the accident and absolve you of charges of being the  party at fault. Carefully note down the names, addresses and phone numbers of every party involved in the accident. Along with these you also need to gather the contact details of witnesses as this can strengthen your case.

  4. Fill In All The Details In Claims Form
    Your insurer would ask you to provide a lot of details in the claims form. This will include information on the accident, information of the crew members involved and other mechanical aspects of your tri or q
    uad axle trailer. No information asked for in these forms is insignificant and hence you should never ignore what is asked from you. This is one of the major reasons behind delay or refusal of claim benefits. If you aren’t sure of what information needs to be provided, get in touch with your insurer’s customer support team and they will guide you.

  5. Cooperate With The Assessor – Insurance companies usually delegate a specialist assessor to carefully examine the extent of the damage. Your claim settlement is based on the report submitted by the assessors. Hence it is important that you corporate with them and also provide them with all information and evidence that they may ask for.

In this write-up take a look at five important things that one needs to keep in mind for filing a tri axle trailer insurance claim. These things significantly speed up the claims process.

For all your Tri Axle Trailer Insurance needs, our specialist insurance advisers at Truck Insurance HQ can help guide you and provide you with competitive quotes and claims service. Call our office on 1300 815 344 or go online and one of our specialists will give you a call.