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Side Tipper Trailer Insurance | Claim Trailer

A side tipper trailer is used for transporting a wide array of products such as minerals, sand, aggregates and bulk products. There are 2 types of side tippers. One type is equipped with a hydraulic door that opens when the trailer is tipped on its side to dump the load. This is referred to as a door side tipper. Another type is called a bowl side tipper and can turn its whole body using hydraulic rams to elevate then retract when the load has been dumped.

Side tippers are used for rigorous applications and are designed to last. They are expensive business equipment that is essential for smooth and efficient operations.

Increase in operational costs affects the ability of a business to stay profitable and competitive. Whether you have a single truck or own a fleet of 100 trucks, increased costs reduce your bottom line. With rising costs of insurance, some truck owners mistakenly think that choosing cheaper insurance products is the best solution. But smart truck owners/operators know how important insurance is to the trucking industry. Rather than trying to scrimp on insurance premiums, they go for insurance products that have the best value for their money.

With our experience in trucking insurance, we provide the most cost effective insurance solutions for the industry. We don’t give one size fit all solutions but tailored insurance products that are designed for your individual business needs.

Be covered on and off the road without breaking the bank when it comes to your Side Tipper Trailer. Insure with Australia’s leading truck insurance provider today by clicking Request a Quote here, or call us on 1300 815 344 and speak to one of our truck and transport specialists.