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Concrete Pumping Machine InsuranceConcrete Pumping Machine

A concrete pumping machine is used for transferring liquid concrete through hoses and pipes through a pumping mechanism. Some examples of concrete pumps include boom pumps, line pumps and stationery trailer line pumps.

Concrete pumps are huge investments. They are your most important equipment and must be insured with a comprehensive truck insurance policy to protect your business from heavy expenditures for repairs, damage, accidents, and other liabilities.

The concrete pumping industry in Australia is huge and plays a critical role in the country’s progress. While the direction of the industry has been towards improving the safety, professionalism, and performance standards, other factors affect your business and your bottom line. These factors include legislative changes, safety and labor codes, environmental protection acts, highway and transportation acts, and general liability regulations.

Part of your risk management strategy must include having the right insurance cover. Our long years of experience in your industry gives us the edge when it comes to providing effective and tailored solutions to your insurance needs.

Prospects for the concrete pumping industry remain bright but you must be ready to face future challenges. With the right insurance, you can be sure to stay competitive and profitable even when things go wrong.

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