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A tow truck carries motor vehicles from Point A to B.  In general, they transport vehicles that are not operational, need repairs or have broken down.  They operate on roads and highways to remove vehicles that have broken down or been involved in accidents.

A tow truck can be of different sizes. The most typical features of this type of truck are an adjustable boom used for recovering vehicles from different locations, a belt lift for towing vehicles from one axle, wheel lifts for supporting the vehicle’s front or rear wheels and an integrated lift for heavy-duty tow trucks.

If you operate a tow truck, you are one of more than 40,000 trucking businesses in Australia that need great insurance cover.  We understand that business needs differ and that insurance solutions must address specific needs.  We are able to provide you with tailored solutions that fit your budget without compromising on your insurance protection.

Whether you are a truck owner/operator or a large towing company, you will need insurance cover for the many risks you face on or off the road.  Without insurance, your business can fold under in the event a claim is made.  Why risk financial disaster when you can easily get insurance cover at affordable rates?

Be protected from workers’ compensation, property damage, general liability and other types of risks.  Speak to our experienced brokers at Truck Insurance HQ today to get affordable Tow Truck Insurance quotes. Go online to request a Quote or simply call us on 1300 815 344.


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