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Tandem Axle Trailer InsuranceAmong the challenges that a driver of a tandem axle trailer may face in one of his or her road trips is driving at night in a suburb area away from the main road. If this happens, little visibility might be the major problem that even an experienced trailer driver will have to deal with. Here are some safety tips when driving at night.

Tip #1 – Use the trailer’s high beam lights for guidance

One of the basic rules when driving at night with poor visibility on the road, particularly in a dimly lit suburb area, is to use the tandem axle trailer high beam lights. Don’t forget to dim your beam lights when an oncoming vehicle comes, so they will not cause a glaring effect on the other driver. On the other hand, if you are driving behind another vehicle, use your low beam lights. In case you will be driving during a foggy night, I strongly advise you to use fog lights and low beam lights.

Tip #2 – Be on guard of approaching high-speed vehicles

A professional driver should be on guard for any unexpected event that may occur while driving at night, like a high speed approaching vehicle. You might be caught off guard and that could cause you to swing or lose control and lead to a major road accident.

Tip #3 – Take a break when you feel fatigued

It’s normal for drivers on long-distance trips to experience a feeling of fatigue. If you are really exhausted and feel the tensions on your hands, shoulder blades, and leg muscles, time to take that much-needed break. Make sure you find the nearest parking zone area and park. You can do some stretching to ease those achy joints and muscles. If you knew you will be driving extended hours for an upcoming road trip with your tandem axle trailer, I recommend you have enough sleep. Keep in mind, a well-rested body will give you the strength and mental alertness needed to ensure you are safe on the road.

Tip #4 – Scan your surroundings

A professionally trained driver of a tandem axle trailer should take time scanning his or her surroundings while driving at night. Make it a habit to check every now and then for cars or people on the road. Look for warning signs that you aren’t supposed to take like a dead end.

Tip #5 – Stay calm

One of the causes of road accidents is an angry or irritated driver. If you want to ensure you don’t end up in a heated argument with another trailer driver, stay calm even if you are caught in a long traffic jam on the main road highway.

Driving in the middle of a foggy night in a quiet suburban area with unusual terrain can be very challenging, but if you made plans for this route ahead of time and come prepared for the worst to come like being stranded, you have nothing to worry about. See this driving at night challenge as part of every professional driver’s road trip journey.

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