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Mobile Lighting Tower Insurance PolicyAre you preparing a list of questions to ask the insurance company during a one-on-one meeting? Below are frequently asked questions you can include on your list.

Question #1 – What can be part of the inclusion coverage?

I’m sure by this time you have an idea about what you want as part of your inclusions. But if you are still unaware of these inclusions, ask the insurer this question, “What can be part of dry hire lighting insurance inclusion coverage?”

Question #2 – What is the waiting time before I can get a free quote?

Most insurance companies offer free insurance quotes. If you want to make sure you receive a free insurance quote for the dry hire lighting insurance, enquire if there is waiting time. Some online insurers can give you an accurate computation of your insurance policy within a 24 hours timeframe, depending on the extent of protection coverage to apply. There are also online insurers where you can directly access their online calculator and waiting time is significantly reduced as long as you provide the information required to help them compute your preferred insurance policy.

Question #3 – Is there really an urgency to insure my dry hire lighting equipment?

Of course, you will never know the advantage of being covered with the dry hire lighting insurance unless you are put in an adverse situation where you feel helpless. Don’t hesitate to ask the insurer if there’s really an urgency to be insured. Insuring your equipment is one of the wisest ways to safeguard your unit against unforeseen events that require you to pay for equipment damage, repairs or replacement costs, or medical bills. With a reliable insurer ready to help you during a challenging moment, you can resume daily business activities using the dry hire lighting unit without undue worry.

Question #4 – What do you need from me in order to fast track the processing of my insurance application?

There are documents and paperwork you need to prepare ahead of time if you want to fast track the processing of your insurance application. This is a list of documents or information you need to provide to your chosen insurance provider:

  • Credit score rating report

  • List of risks your unit is exposed to on a daily basis

  • Complete name

  • Home address

  • Nature of business involving the dry hire lighting unit

  • Model, size and price of the unit

  • Number of users, operators as well as third party users (If dry hire lighting is for rent)

Question #5 – Can I recommend changes to my proposed dry hire lighting insurance?

A question you should not forget to ask at the end of your discussion with an insurance provider is, “Can I recommend changes to my proposed insurance?” I’m sure your insurer will suggest the inclusions and exclusions, but you have freedom to advise the necessary changes as you please.

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