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How To Run A Successful Dump Truck Business

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#1 Know The Markets Dump Truck NeedsDump Truck, Dump Truck Insurance, Tipper Truck

There is no point purchasing a medium-sized dump truck that you think is fantastic if there is only work available for large tipper trucks with dogs attached. The best thing you can do is contact Landtrack and/or Earthfleet to see what’s in demand.
From there, you can a) decide if you’re interested, and b) see if the truck/s in demand are available in the price range you want.

#2 Buy A RELIABLE Dump Truck

We get calls and claims for trucks that have broken down and that are falling apart at the seams all too often. We can’t stress enough, buy a RELIABLE Truck! It doesn’t have to be brand new, it doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, but this is your business, so perform your due diligence, perform of REVS check and have an official check performed by a crew like RACQ.

#3 Don’t Overextend Yourself

You now know not to buy a dump truck that there is no demand for, and you know not to buy a rusty heap from chuckies smash garage. Tip number 3 is all about balance and not over-extending yourself. Whilst you should not buy a rolling disaster, we also don’t recommend buying a brand new, top of the line dump truck unless it can do something no other dump truck can, and that’s in high demand. You want to keep your business expenses low!

#4 Get Insurance

Not to plug ourselves or sound bias but please insure your dump-truck even if it’s not with us! Protect your business, compare insurance companies and insurance rates and make sure you get the best cover to suit you and your dump truck business needs.
Do we personally specialise in truck insurance? yes. Can we compare quotes for you from over 170 insurers who we have spent many years negotiating competitive premiums with? Yes.
So should you consider asking us for a dump truck insurance quote? Absolutely!
But all personal plugs aside, even if you just have questions or you want some advice, give us a call, we’re more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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