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Header/HarvesterHeader/Harvester Insurance

header, also called a harvester, is a machine used during harvest of grain including wheat, rye, corn, maize, flax, barley, linseed and soybeans. The front of the machine is attached to a rearward-rotating rotor with rows of strippers that are used for stripping grain from the crop during movement. Grain is collected while the crop remains on the ground.

Australia has a massive wheat crop and other cereal crops harvested all over the country. This industry employs thousands of truck drivers annually and uses different types of trucks for harvesting and carting grain.

If you operate or own header/harvester and other agricultural trucks, you need the right truck insurance to ensure you are protected from the risks you are exposed to. Just like all other trucking operators in Australia, you are covered by work safety standard policies, labor acts, highway and transportation acts, environmental protection acts, and other general liability regulations. A single claim can cost you thousands of dollars, or worse, endanger your continued operations with huge financial obligations.

You choose carefully the people you hire for farming work. You should also be smart when it comes to choosing your insurer. Not all insurance products are the same and the best strategy is not to choose cheap insurance but best value for your money.

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