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Income Protection for Interstate Truck DriversDo you know that trillion miles of traffic are being trudged by truckies along those interstates nowadays? Truck drivers are important fixtures in the Australian employment market as they directly impact the economy. They help distribute goods and services not just in a particular territory but also do so in between states and counties to satiate our needs. While the degree of importance of interstate truckies and the income protection for interstate truck drivers Australia policy may help uphold their impact to the country, the level of risk a truck driver faces day in and day out can be truly challenging.

Interstate truck driving are exposed not just to environmental hazards but also to man-made risks such as theft, arson, pilferage, assault, collision, and so on. Add fatigue from driving for almost 15 hours or more before reaching a destination and you have the perfect recipe for disaster when no adequate rest or safety management system is in place. Regardless of how many states you have to cross or what products you may be carrying, it is important to keep this driving safety tips in mind.

  • Always maintain safe speed limits. Never attempt kicking your feet for some NASCAR race on the highway with other truck drivers. Even when you are on a tight schedule, it is always wise to keep your speed at a minimum to give you enough leeway to maneuver safely when on the road. High speed often ends up in catastrophe.

  • Keep a positive attitude all the time. You will be trudging highways alongside other big monster trucks and diminutive cars alike. You will be driving side by side with equally haggard people itching to arrive in their chosen destination. The highway amid its seemingly organized traffic can breed the most volatile of beasts. By maintaining you sunny view on things, giving way and paying courtesy to other road users will help ensure that you don’t become subject to someone’s rage.

  • Always maintain safe following distance. According to the Smith Driving System, applying a one-vehicle cushion or leaving a distance of a vehicle commensurate to your truck’s size between you and another driver will give you plenty of legroom to maneuver in an emergency situation. This also prevents the issue on tailgating and other risk for rear-ending another vehicle. This is even more important when the road is wet from rain or snow. Slick roads are always magnet for disaster.

  • Always keep Left. That is, if you have no plans of overtaking. The right lane has always been considered as “passing lane” in Australia. Keep in mind that some interstates enforce this simple rule. Be mindful of being pulled over and issued a ticket as it can put a blip on your driving record and cause inordinate delay to your task.

  • Be highly visible on or off the road. Allow other drivers to easily see you. Turn headlights on as the sun sets or torrential downpour or when trudging the road during a cyclone. Though snowing happen rarely, it is also wise to turn on your hazard lights at this time. See to it that your windows, windshields, and mirrors offer clear visuals.

  • Never use a smartphone when driving interstate. Eating while on the road is also a no-no. Distractions, as a whole, can easily turn a seemingly smooth ride into a disastrous one. Focus and you will have no need to file a claim for income protection for interstate truck drivers online.

Whether you have been driving recently or have been in the interstate loop for the last decade, it is always crucial to keep safety management system in place. These safety tips are meant to address various risks that come with the territory. For foolproof safety net, obtain a dependable income protection for interstate truck drivers Australia policy. Call our hotline to ask us how.