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Life Insurance for CouriersSome people cringe at the thought or of talking about death. Whether you like it or not, we are all bound to die. It’s an inevitable truth and something that needs to be prepared for. This is even more so when working in a high risk job like say courier driver, where the risks of accidents or getting robbed hover like some death cloud the moment a van’s ignition is turned on. This makes life insurance for couriers an important aspect in getting ready for the most dreaded moment– death.

While the advantages to having a courier driver life insurance policy is many, the issue of cost has also been a fodder for debates. A closer look will tell you though that Australia couriers life insurance is not as expensive as you think. There are actually ways to save money when buying a policy. Here are ways how.

  • It is wise to choose an independent yet certified life insurance broker when buying a policy. In all actuality, you can always buy one from a company agent, call center or online agents, or independent life insurance brokers. The first 2 often work for commissions whose main objective is that of making a quick sale. They are also bound to only 1 or up to 3 companies. This gives you limited options and subsequently, getting the best coverage with the most affordable rates, too. All these point out that they’re basically not working for your best interest. Independent ones, however, focus on building relationships with their clients thus, they cater more to your needs and finding the best coverage within your budget with their vast connections.

  • Buy it young. Drivers for courier trucks or vans should start investing in life insurance while still in their 20s. Life insurance becomes more pricey beyond the age of 35. It so happens that health issues start cropping up when you go past the 28-year threshold. Think weight gain and hypertension or diabetes, the current favorite in morbidity rates. Keep in mind that coverage are often underwritten according to health qualifications.

  • Go for term life insurance and steer clear of zero-medical marketing stunt. Permanent policies can cost more than 5x that of a term policy making some drivers choose cheaper death benefits. The same goes to insurers who market no-medical exam policies. It will not only undermine your own objectives, it will also deliver lower than your perceived needs.

  • Why pay for a special smoker rate when you can just quit. Professional drivers, particularly long haul truckies who deliver goods interstate or across territories, often succumb to smoking and other unhealthy habits due to the nature of their job. The sad thing is that insurers usually charge around 50 percent more to policies with smoker add-on rates. Want to get out from your semi-suicidal life? Then, quit smoking and have your insurance re-evaluated.

  • Layer your courier insurance policy. Do not lump everything you need in a single policy. Instead, choose to buy one that provides income replacement, another for mortgage or tuition, and so on. The key is to get it from a single insurer via an independent broker. See to it that you got all your bases covered.

While obtaining the most affordable cost on life insurance for couriers may be your top contention, it is also essential to look deeper into your needs. Keep in mind that your vision and goals change over the years. What could be a priority now may not be as important as another else. So, always have your policy reviewed every 2 to 3 years or when a big change comes up. If you need help, call our hotline or send us a request for a consultation.

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