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Lifestyle protection insuranceLong haul truck drivers are widely known for their prowess on the road. They, who travel on average of 12 to 16 hours a day, can look high and mighty to every private driver. Unknown to many, they are also at a higher risk of falling ill or succumbing to life-threatening injuries due to certain hazards. One of the biggest reasons in long haul truck drivers absences and accidents emanates from a self-destructing sedentary lifestyle which, by the way, leads to the growing demand for lifestyle protection insurance Australia policy nowadays.

Monotonous and sedentary lifestyle is somewhat a norm in many, if not all, long haul truck drivers’ lives. Apart from sitting behind the wheel for hours, most also gorge on junk food and caffeine to help pass rest time or get energy to last the long haul ahead. But while having lifestyle protection insurance to fall back on, staying healthy must also be considered a priority. To prevent burnout and maintain good energy level without sacrificing safety, the following healthy habits can be of help.

Eating Healthy On the Go

Always eat healthy by suffusing your diet with immuno-boosting foods such as citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, and berries as well as protein-rich ones like chicken, turkey or lean meat. One can bring pre-pack meals safely tucked inside a well-insulated container. Stopping at a grocery store may also be a wise move instead of going to a diner. Buy pre-washed and pre-cut veggies and fruits. Some may also have healthy bundle options which are more filling. If you have a portable grill and your haul will take more than half a day, tagging it along will not only ensure healthy grilled meat choices but also savings.

Sweat It Out

For long haul truckies, driving 10 to 12 hours straight then, resting for a few hours and back at driving again can be a challenge on where to insert exercising. In order to burn calories and keep circulation robust, one has to sweat it out. With such a repetitive and, should we say, abusive cycle, the body will ultimately have to go down the declining route leading to the increase in demand for lifestyle protection insurance Australia. So, why not do a 360-deg walk to check on your truck? Push-ups, kettlebells and plyometric bands as well as foldable bikes are easy to use and stow away afterwards. The idea is to keep your blood running and your sweat dripping leading to calorie and unnecessary fat being burned.

Rest Aplenty

Most commercial trucking companies provide a good mattress and pillow on their vehicles’ sleeper berth. If there’s none, be wise enough to invest in a firm mattress preferably with memory foam to stimulate sound sleep and good posture. Being slouched for hours behind a steering wheel can cause chronic back illnesses and other joint diseases. Make good use of your 10-hour rest time by ensuring good sleeping condition.

Do not just rely on your lifestyle protection insurance Australia policy. With the risks that long haul driving presents, it is wiser to get into a preventative instead of a curative stance. Keep these healthy habits into mind to ensure protection all the time. Or if you may, create a buffer to ensure the life your family lives is protected. Call our office number or enquire to learn more about lifestyle protection insurance Australia.