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Mortgage ProtectionDo truckies need mortgage protection insurance? According to studies, truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs not just in Australia but to the rest of the world. Apart from long hours of driving large hauls, improper rest and sleep as well as exposure to various elements on the road put them in dire situations. But like everyone else, these drivers also dream of providing their families with a home. So what will happen when after taking out a mortgage, a sickness or accident takes place and put your income-generating means at a standstill?

Mortgage Protection Insurance At A Glance

Whether you are truck driver or not, someone will always talk you into getting a mortgage protection insurance (or sometimes called mortgage payment protection insurance), for good reasons. This type of payment protection is specifically designed to cover your mortgage loan repayments in the event of having to temporarily stop working due to a road traffic accident, illness, or temporary disability. Mortgage protection insurance will ensure that you and your family are adequately protected if you had a sickness or injury and were unable to pay for important bills like your mortgage.

Facing the risks day in and day out of being a truck driver, professional drivers putting their life and limb on the line should know better why the need to have an added safety net during unforeseen circumstances (Which can be an exhaustive list). It is the perfect way for them to ensure that the roof raised on top of their loved ones will be protected even when they find themselves empty-handed.

Top Perks of mortgage protection

So, why should you get one? One of the known advantages of mortgage protection insurance to truck drivers is the nature itself of this insurance policy. Being a high risk occupation, if you had a sickness or injury anywhere 24/7, you will have a replacement of income in place to cover your mortgage and continue and protect your family home/investment.

Truck drivers can go on with their daily tasks and leave the worrying to the insurer. With this, they can focus on safety and excellent performance of their job. With a worry-free driver on the wheel, employers can also guarantee higher productivity at work.

Finding The Right Coverage

Without a doubt, the right mortgage protection insurance is a smart option. However, it is important to note that there many product providers out there. The cost, however, depends largely on the amount of one’s mortgage, overall health, age, and the perceived risks of a particular occupation– or in this case, risks involved in truck driving. As most insurance companies offering this type of policy will promise to deliver the best cover, it is essential to shop around for quotes for mortgage protection. Protect your home and your family by seeking out these information today.

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Stop worrying about the future. If you want to protect your mortgage in case you have a sickness or injury and could not work and are interested in mortgage protection cover please enquire online or call our office.