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Truck Owners Insurance Australian TruckiesTruck drivers are part and parcel of every national economy. Though taken for granted, these tough and hardworking truckies are actually one of the major players in the business world and their prowess should never be underestimated. But while transport is considered a staple in the business realm, truck owners who operate or contract transport jobs often find themselves hanging by a thread in terms of protection to their vehicle and to their welfare– and this is where truck owners insurance Australia and preventive maintenance come in.

Preventive Maintenance

Running your own vehicle will expose you to the hard realities of the transport business. Aside from fuel consumption, maintenance is known to be a costly endeavor but a needed one. While truck owners insurance Australia may help provide necessary protection, it is also imperative that truckies do routine preventive maintenance to extend life expectancy of their vehicles and to minimize costs brought by major repairs and possibility of accidents due to vehicle failure.

Preventive maintenance allows truck drivers in Australia to identify and immediately address issues on their vehicle. Aside from minimizing expenses on major repairs, it also helps prevent road mishaps which can affect not just your cargo or driving records but the reputation of your transport undertakings as a whole. You can actually do something about it. Simply set up a monitoring calendar as well as a checklist that will keep track of certain truck parts from front to back, inside of the truck’s body and outside of it. Walk around and note down the following before and after a short- or long- haul:

  • Lights and signals

  • Tires

  • Oil and oil leaks

  • Air system leaks

  • Engine oil and coolant levels

  • Windshield and side mirrors

  • Brakes and brake light

  • Air hoses

Keep this checklist handy and do it again after a scheduled trip. Do make sure to scrutinize the aforementioned aspects carefully. Preventive maintenance, when haphazardly done, is no preventative at all. Utter carelessness may even kick safety to the curve giving you more headaches than before.

Truck Owners Insurance Australia

When it comes to truck owners insurance in Australia, truckies who own and operate their own vehicles always find themselves in the hot seat when accidents happen. Yes, preventative maintenance significantly lowers problems with the vehicle. It also helps manage repairs cost and keep a truck in good working condition. But amid such a tight preventative maintenance system in place, some road mishaps are often caused by other motorists leaving you to face huge liability issues.

Trucks, being big and bulky, are accident magnets on the road. Amid truck owner-driver’s defensive driving training, other motorists may not be as kind or as knowledgeable on road safety. This is part of the reason why truck owners insurance Australia common coverage include not just physical damage to property but also personal and general liability and cargo. Many trusted and established insurers offer flexible coverage with various value-added services.

Every Truck Owner’s Mantra

When it comes to truck owners insurance Australia truckies must not be too complacent noting that they have a safety net to fall back on. Any insurance for that matter must only be a second recourse with safety as your main goal. If it is your goal to save on time and money as well as prevent undue stress from creeping into your business and your life, crafting routine preventative maintenance on top of an insurance policy will definitely make it possible.

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