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Drop Frame Trailer InsuranceThe moment you plan to buy drop frame trailer insurance you would have a wide selection of policies to choose from. In reality there is a big variation in premium rates and this can often put you into a dilemma. While the big players in the market would charge you premium rates for a policy there are others who often attract you with their jaw dropping offers. As a business owner you should stay away from insurance policies that come up with unbelievably low quotes and here are a few reasons for why you shouldn’t chose the cheapest Drop Frame Trailer Insurance:

#1 Cheap Isn’t Really Cheap
What is so cheap in a cheap insurance policy? It is only the premium that you would be paying annually. But once you have met with an accident and seek the financial benefits you would realise that what sounded cheap while buying is actually expensive when it actually matters. To start with these policies have very high excess, this is the amount you would have to pay out of pocket before the insurer agrees pays for your loss and damage. In other words it is the minimum threshold level where you become eligible for benefits. Saving a few dollars while buying a policy can turn into nightmare and mean more out of pocket expenses when you actually need it the most.

#2 It Doesn’t Offer You The Coverage You Want
If you have spoken to insurance brokers who sells the so called ‘cheap’ drop frame trailer insurance you would notice there is something common in how they market these policies. They would constantly stress on your savings and not stress on the value factor. You should keep in mind that the primary purpose for buying an insurance policy would be to protect your trailer and more importantly your business from all kinds of risks. List all the potential risks to your business and see if the coverage they are offering actually covers these risks. You can also compare cheap insurance policies with policies being offered by other companies that charge you slightly higher premiums you would immediately spot the difference. Remember it is one investment that you cannot make any compromises with.

#3 You Need To Be Prepared for Poor Customer Service
It can be quite a traumatic experience when you have an accident. In such trying circumstances you need your insurer to guide you towards making the claim and settling it in the quickest possible time. But when you choose an insurance who sells cheap insurance policies you should also be prepared for poor customer service. Such companies usually don’t have a dedicated team to serve customers with empathy in such challenging times. This is more so as their USP is not centred on the quality of service but on the low price that they quote. In fact you may need to struggle through layers of red tape before you are able to claim your dues.

Several customers have gone through this harrowing experience and regretted their decision of buying cheap insurance for their drop frame trailers. Are you prepared to take that risk?

For the Cheapest Drop Frame Trailer Insurance that gives you full coverage, we at Truck Insurance HQ are here to help you with advice, quotes and great service. Give our specialist insurance advisers a call in the office on 1300 815 344 or go online and one of our advisers will call you back.