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Truck Driver Sickness And Accident InsuranceHow can you ensure that your truck driver sickness and accident insurance does not shortchange your needs as well as that of your loved ones? Truckies, whether driving their own trucks or not, are known to face high risks for crash-related injuries and various occupational illnesses. Some of these may even be fatal or debilitating causing them to lose everything in one fell swoop. Think about fatigue and dangers from heavy hauls, long hours of driving, and the accommodations they have to endure while on the road. Add to that the inevitability of fatal or near-fatal collisions on the road. Indeed, it’s a daily life-and-death struggle.

Certain Limitations

Fortunately, there are various truck driver insurance coverage that addresses this harrowing aspects. From the motor vehicles they’re driving to third-party exposure, hospitalization and medication, to workers compensation, truckies are at a better vantage point when dealing with an impending crisis. However, certain limitations or exclusions can shortchange what they deep down need.

Many insurers go on yakking attractive coverage only for the insured party to discover otherwise in the end. Part of the reason is that many of them choose the “cheap” premium route believing that it offers the same advantages to quality coverage provided by reliable insurers. Truck driver gets sick or have figured in an accident, for instance, may be given necessary protection for hospitalization and temporary disability including liability to third party but only up to a certain point.

Comprehensive Protection

When one finds himself or herself out of driving engagement due to an accident or sickness, protection must be comprehensive enough to ensure that ailing party’s needs are addresses as well as those of his or her dependents. Injury from truck accidents often subject truck drivers to prolonged periods of unemployment and poor health. This is where income protection coverage often takes center-stage.

Experts and experienced truckies in service have strongly recommend some type of financial protection on top of truck driver sickness and accident insurance coverage. Both protective elements complement each other in covering different yet related risks. While insurance coverage for sickness and accident provide needed protection for the driver to be afforded reliable services, income protection allows steady of flow of income to sustain overall household needs such as mortgage, food and utility bills. This is even more so when the truck is both owned and operated by a truckie and not as a driving job per se. But even trucking companies employing one as a driver can only offer sick leave with pay for a short period of time thus, making it quite challenging for truck drivers when disaster strike.

Bottom line is: Acquiring a truck driver sickness and accident insurance is a wise decision to make. To ensure not shortchanging your own needs and that of your family’s, it is essential to consider another source of income to provide a more comprehensive protection for everyone. If possible, go for two policies instead of joint cover to give you twice the protection needed. That way, you can guarantee two safety nets for you and your family to fall back on.

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