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Truck Driver Wage Replacement InsuranceTime to put your truck driver wage replacement insurance agent on your speed dial. It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. Hopefully, by now, you and your family may have already planned out a vacation somewhere. Whether you go on a short getaway or a long vacation, this once in a blue moon trip will definitely be fun! With temperature and humidity soaring high in December and travel stress wreaking havoc to your immune system, there will be a high chance of you catching the dreaded flu or the common colds — leading to more absences when you are home.

Flu and common colds are no fun. Think about fever, body malaise, nausea, uncontrollable sneezing, and all the things that make driving riskier. The sad thing is that– you may even spread the virus to your loved ones causing more financial upheavals and stress. While it may seem inevitable to catch such from all the germ-infested surfaces in train stations and airports, there are actually ways to reduce your chances of catching either cold or flu. Here are some of the ways how.

  1. Always be extra cautious when on public transport. Illness-causing viruses and bacteria can thrive on surface for hours. They can be easily transferred from hand to mouth unto door knobs, handles, armrest, and even kitchen utensils like spoon and fork in a restaurant. So take time to wash your hands before eating and after using the lavatory. At least, bring a sanitizer or a 70 percent rubbing alcohol with you wherever you travel, particularly with kids in tow. Bringing a disinfectant-wipes will also help.

  2. Airborne viruses and bacteria are everywhere. Since you cannot expect people to be careful, you can at least put a defensive wall to deter entry of these microorganisms into your body and that of your family. When you see someone sneezing, coughing or looking like zombies of the apocalypse, stay at least 5 feet away. Ask for a mask from an airplane attendant if you’re seated next to one.

  3. If you plan to go somewhere exotic then, make sure to have yourself vaccinated. Aside from the risks of catching them while in transit, there’s also a chance that you may get seriously ill from say malaria or dengue fever while vacationing somewhere else. At best, research carefully the dangers of your intended vacation destination and come prepared.

  4. Vacation time or not, it is essential to eat healthy foods. Truck drivers are traveling all their lives. So whether you are on a vacation or minding your way along highways to deliver goods from one territory to another, always keep a healthy diet suffused with vitamins and minerals. Eat more fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system in check.

  5. Rest and more rest is essential for a robust immune system. Truck drivers know precisely the importance of rest when on the road. Lack of sleep or rest always take down one’s susceptibility to viruses, bacteria and other illness-causing microorganisms. Keep in mind that the body heals and recovers while at rest.

Prevention they say is always better than cure. While these tips may seem generic, they are tried-and-tested to be effective in preventing the dreaded infections when traveling on a holiday. Be prepared for the inevitable though. Catching these dreaded illnesses may put your truck driving tasks at bay. So always have a truck driver wage replacement insurance handy just in case. Want one? Call us how.