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Truck Finance Companies

OK, so you are in the market for a truck? Where do you go? Which bank or Lender has the best options? Are the terms of the proposed funding reasonable? What is the fine print? Who is the best Truck Finance company?

Truck Loans
It really is a minefield in the marketplace at the moment and some dealerships even try to sell you additional warranties and UV protection to make extra margin on the sale. Many truck dealerships and retailers have their own finance person on-site to help their customer’s purchase a vehicle and they also go to great lengths to speak with you about all the “Add-Ons” that they can sell you along with the truck. This finance person may only have one or two financiers available to help secure finance for you. What if you don’t fit within that financiers criteria or the deal they offer you is too expensive? How do you know if there is a better deal out there? What does the fine print say in the contract?

As experienced and accredited finance advisors, we know what is in the marketplace and what to look for in a contract, because we do have many different banks and lenders on our panel giving you better choices and informed credit advice.

There are many Financiers for trucks, it is just a matter of finding the right one for you. Our credit advisors have industry certificates and are members of industry bodies to promote best practices within the finance industry.

Every bank of financier is different. They all have different lending criteria which means some will help people in a poor position, some will not! Some have cheaper interest rates than others, some don’t like vehicles over a certain weight or type and some financiers may have a ceiling on what they will up to. Do you know which lender has the best deal for you based on your current situation?

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