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Truck Finance Australia

The finance industry has come a very long way over the last 10 years. During this time, the whole industry has been improved and legislated reforms implemented. This also affected the banking system itself and how it does business. Brokers are now more professional, more informed and more educated than ever before.

Our partner Brokers are professionals in their field with many years’ experience in the Truck finance and related equipment industry. With around twenty (20) different financiers to choose from around Australia, your chances of a successful application are greatly improved.
It is becoming more widely accepted around Australia for a consumer to enlist the services of a competent broker to source and get approved the finance they need. Years ago, a person might go to their bank and subsequently corralled into applying for the only truck loan they offer at the going interest rate of that bank. Today, this has all changed.

Our partner Brokers have access to many different institutions which allow them to have options for almost any customer requirement at the best interest rate and terms available.
Not only can we help people in a good financial position to attain finance, we can also help people who may have credit defaults or who have been in business for a short time or just do not have tax financials available to verify income.

Many of our customers go into their bank to apply for a loan only to be told they don’t fit the banks criteria for a loan! This is very common in today’s market place and some people make the mistake of going to a few banks only to be advised they don’t fit within their criteria either. Doing this can also have a Negative impact on your credit file which will make it even harder to get a loan. Our Credit Advisors are experienced in Finance. After asking you a few questions, we will have a good idea as to the best lender in which to send an application with the best chances for success. It just makes good sense to talk to us first so that we can search through hundreds of products to find you the best finance solution possible.

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