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Tri Axle Dolly DealerBuying a tri axle dolly is a major investment and you need to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate dealer. If you are apprehensive about your prospective dealer whom you contacted online, here are tips to help you verify they if are registered or not.

Tip #1 – Ask for proof of their business permit

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t fall in the hands of a fake dealer of tri axle dolly is to ask for proof of their business permit or license authorised by the state to do business. If the prospective dealer can’t provide this legal document, be suspicious. Take a step back and look for another dealer who can show official registration of his or her business to sell trucks, trailers and other parts.

Tip #2 – Check with your local business directory

Another way to ensure you do business with a legitimate tri axle dolly dealer is by checking if they are listed in the local business directory. If their business name isn’t there, remove this prospect on your list and find another credible and reliable dealer.

Tip #3 – Perform a survey of sellers

If you are up for real bargain hunting to purchase the best priced tri axle dolly, perform an actual survey of all sellers of this unit in your area. Take your time, no need to rush and make an impulsive purchase. Keep in mind, buying this unit may cost you a lot so the wisest thing to do is conduct a relevant survey before entrusting your hard earned money to just anyone.

Tip #4 – Read reviews

One of the fastest ways to confirm you are dealing with a legitimate tri axle dolly dealer is by reading reviews from past customers who bought similar products from their shop. If you can’t find a single customer review, comment or feedback, be more wary. You might be dealing with a bogus dealer, especially if the shop is only accessible online.

Tip #5 – Conduct a physical visit to their showroom

Most reputable dealers of big trucks, trailers and tri axle dolly units have showrooms where they can exhibit their products. If you want to verify if the dealer is really authentic, ask if you can actually visit their showroom and check out the unit you wish to buy.

Tip #6 – Trust your instincts

Sometimes, trusting what your innermost instincts are telling you to do will help you avoid trouble like investing your money to a non-existent tri axle dealer. If you feel suspicious during the initial meeting with a prospective dealer, request a cooling off period to think. If the dealer is not happy with your decision and becomes too pushy to close the sale, you are making the right decision by not committing to this person.

Major purchases should not be made in a rush. As a wise customer, give yourself the chance to think, assess the situation and make a decision based on the real facts you have gathered while scouting around for the best deal for your tri axle dolly.

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