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Lighting Tower Insurance Policy

Are you just waiting for a proposed mobile lighting tower insurance policy? If you want to make sure nothing is overlooked, take time checking if the following parts are there on your copy. Remember, any missing part could affect your insurance claim in the future, so conduct a due diligence check for your peace of mind.

Part 1 – Liability coverage description

A vital part of a dependable mobile lighting tower insurance policy is the liability coverage description. Here, the policy holder can have a glimpse of the exact coverage of the insurance policy ranging from minimum to maximum coverage.

Part 2 – Collision coverage statement

If you are now reading your proposed mobile lighting tower insurance policy, make sure the collision coverage statement is present. What does this protection cover? If your equipment is involved in an accident involving collision with another piece of equipment or vehicle, any issue of repairs or replacement will be covered by the insurer.

Part 3 – Medical payment

Another type of protection coverage that must be present in your chosen mobile lighting tower insurance policy is the medical payment. This type of protection coverage covers the operator of this equipment, another person including a third party in the event you are also renting this unit to independent contractors and who can be injured in an accident involving this unit.

Part 4 – Signatures

This is another important part of a legally binding mobile lighting tower insurance policy, the signatures of parties involved in this contract of agreement; the policy holder and the insurance company. I do recommend before signing this official copy that you take the time to check if everything is within the scope required to keep you protected at all costs. If you think there are still revisions needed, talk to your insurer and request a final revision.

What are the advantages of being covered with mobile lighting tower insurance?

There are many advantages of being covered with a dependable insurance policy and among them are:

  • Peace of mind of that the insurer will offer assistance when without a warning and at anytime, an unpredictable incident happens.

  • Protecting your investment in the assets used for your business operation.

  • Gives your business an impressive image among the people you work with, whether an employee working for your business or a third party using your services.

  • Enjoy the privileges of being a policyholder such as exclusive discounts on upcoming sales for other insurance products.

Don’t just get an insurance policy because the law requires it. Assess everything before making a final decision about the type of mobile lighting tower insurance protection coverage to buy and be sure the insurer you are dealing with has a good reputation in the marketplace. On the other hand, if you are already tied up with other demands at your business, talk to a licensed insurance broker and inquire about the expert services he or she can offer.

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