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Mobile Compressor Insurance

Operating a mobile compressor exposes you to many risk elements such as unavoidable incidents that may lead to injury, property damage or third party liability. If you want to make sure you know the basic procedures when filing mobile compressor insurance claim, then I suggest you take time reading this guide to hopefully provide a stress free experience.

  1. Call for immediate assistance

If you are directly involved in an accident while operating the mobile compressor don’t waste time, call for immediate assistance to avoid delays if medical help is badly needed. Try to remain calm even in this most challenging situation by checking if you are hurt or a third party is injured.

  1. Gather proof

If you aren’t injured but a third party is affected, after calling for assistance take time to gather proof; take photos and notes of the incident to show the extent of damage or harm done to a third party like a worker or client. The images and reports can be used when you file a mobile compressor insurance claim.

  1. Inform your insurer

Don’t wait days without informing your insurer about your involvement in an accident resulting in a claim. The moment you have everything sorted after the incident you need to inform your insurer and narrate the details of what happened. On the other hand if you are represented by a licensed insurance broker, call this person even while you are still in the middle of a mishap because they can extend immediate assistance. The broker will be the rightful authority to inform the insurer about the incident and do the paperwork required when filing a mobile compressor insurance claim.

  1. Notify the adjuster

In most cases where accidents involving property damage are concerned, it’s standard procedure to notify the adjuster. This person is the one legally appointed to do the necessary investigation to ascertain the real extent of damage or harm done.

Can filing an insurance claim be prevented?

Of course there are different preventive measures you can apply in your daily business operation while using the mobile compressor to limit the likelihood of having to file an insurance claim. Here are some for your consideration:

  • Train employees in the proper way to handle and operate your mobile compressor to ensure no one gets hurt while using this type of machine.

  • Keep the working area safe at all times, so incidents involving the mobile compressor can be reduced to a minimum.

  • Carry out regular maintenance checks on the overall performance of this machine to ensure it’s always safe to use.

I do hope this topic has provided some valuable information about how to get your insurance claim processed right away. Don’t take any shortcuts when filing a mobile compressor insurance claim. Follow the above guide and I’m sure that before you know it, your insurer will be ready to process your claim and release the funds to compensate whatever loss, damage or third party liability you have to handle.

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