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Workcover Alternative for Truck Drivers AustraliaTruck drivers literally live on the road. Think about 12 to 14 hours of driving, one-way and you have there a nomad with a permanent address. While many of these owner-operator of delivery trucks may still be contemplating on whether to get a workcover alternative for truck drivers Australia insurance policy or something else, one thing remains the same– roadworks across the country is causing a huge dent on their coffers.

Truck drivers and their families largely depend on their paycheck. Even owner-operators of service vehicles have to stand on a tightrope when it comes to sustaining the needs of everyone in the family. With major construction wreaking havoc in what used to be a thriving round-the-clock performance, it is only fitting to know how to mitigate the risk in losing more money due to the rising wave of roadworks. Here are some tips to help you how:

  • Always check with the Ministry of Public Works in your area for any scheduled construction. The government often send out notifications either by email, flyers or huge billboards to grab the attention of the citizens. A quick call with the agency or a scan on the agency’s website (or social media page, if any) will help greatly in keeping yourself informed. In most cases, the Department of Transportation also gets notifications. So add its website to your bookmarked pages.

  • Feel free also to inquire for any roadwork mitigation program. During the height of a government’s infrastructure programs, certain aspects of the economy will be put on the table and dissected. If you don’t voice out your concern, nobody will know about it. By doing so, you are actually helping the government — and yourself– achieve better result even with such a huge challenge at hand.

  • Roadworks can slash income generated from short-haul emergency requests as such it is wise to have a cash fund on the side. Turnaround time can be hard to estimate. With the trucking industry widely dependent on reputation concerning efficiency, it is wise to play on the safe side leaving your trucking business gasping for dear life. By building a cash reserve ahead of time, you can have some sort of buffer for days when roadworks cause turbulence to your war chest.

  • Connect with other truck driver-owners in the area and set up an assistance network. Building a network is essential in the trucking business. It does not only expand your customer base, it also allows you to build camaraderie with other truckies out there. When major roadworks are set to happen in your usual route, tapping new contracts somewhere else will help prevent putting your money basket in a drought.

Change is the only thing constant in the world. To truckies, road changes can pose a huge threat to the purse leaving them and their families largely affected. These proactive tips are meant to mitigate issues before they happen. As a safety net, a dependable workcover alternative for truck drivers Australia insurance policy can provide a steady flow of income for everyone to get by. Want to learn more? Call our hotline or send us a request for a free quote.