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YES, unpredictability in business is real, and can be related to customers and their issues, and can also involve your business assets. For example, if you are operating a transport business, there is always the risk of trucks or fleets being involved in accidents. That’s why commercial truck insurance is necessary!

Accidents can result in damage to your vehicles, destruction of goods, injuries to employees, or even harm to other people’s lives and property. Taking out the appropriate insurance is key; this is where getting a quote with the right commercial auto insurance companies enters the scene.

A comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy ensures that your transportation business runs uninterrupted. It protects your business and your assets while minimizing financial loss.

Nevertheless, some people confuse commercial auto insurance with personal auto insurance, another motor insurance policy. Though they both have the same purpose, they vary in coverage types. Here’s everything you need to know about their differences!

Commercial auto insurance covers business vehicles

You may require commercial auto insurance if you’re a sole entrepreneur with a car that’s mainly utilized for business. Liability limitations for commercial coverage are often more significant than personal vehicle insurance. It can include vehicles that are used to:

  • Delivering goods or equipment
  • Drive clients or staff
  • Charge people a price to travel in your car and perform a service for which you get compensated.
  • People should be charged a price to move products in their vehicles.
  • Transport large, work-related loads
  • Towing a commercial trailer

commercial auto insurance

The need for commercial auto insurance depends on the type of business you operate. If you want  more information you can easily obtain a truck insurance quote online, or phone and talk to our experienced brokers today! 

Is personal vehicle insurance covered by commercial auto insurance?

Employees who are given the authorization to use your company car are usually covered by commercial auto insurance. This coverage will assist in covering the expenses of incidents that occur while an employee is driving, even if the car is being used for personal reasons.

So, what about personal automobiles that are utilized for work on occasion? This is where coverage known as hired and non-owned car insurance (HNOA) comes in.

How much does commercial auto insurance cost? 

You’ll need to consider elements like the number of cars you need to insure and the quantity of coverage you require when determining the cost of your business auto insurance. Other elements that are taken into account include:

  • The vehicle’s price – new or MSRP
  • The vehicle’s body style or kind
  • What business you’re in and how you’ll be using the automobile
  • Where do you drive the car?
  • Where the car is parked at night or during non-working hours
  • Limits, coverages, and deductibles are all factors to consider.

If you want to receive more information or to compare commercial auto insurance policies, you can obtain a quote here


Personal auto insurance only covers accidents that occur while you’re driving your vehicle for personal use. This includes travel not linked to your employment activities, such as commuting to and from work. Typically, policies cover the car owner and one or two immediate family members.

personal auto insurance


Personal auto insurance protects your automobile, truck, or SUV in the case of an accident, weather occurrence, or another sort of claim circumstance. Depending on the type of vehicle care insurance you purchase, coverage may pay for repairs or medical expenses, as well as assist you in obtaining a rental car if you are involved in an accident.

An insurance broker can assist you in determining whether you require basic liability coverage or if your specific demands necessitate additional coverages that protect you from a wider variety of risks. If you use your vehicle for work, your broker can advise you on whether commercial auto insurance is required. Consult your broker to determine the right coverage for your need


1. Insured vehicle damage or loss

You are covered if your car is damaged due to an accident, fire, or self-ignition. Furthermore, your insurance coverage will cover damages caused by burglary or theft, strikes, riots, or terrorism. Personal auto insurance also protects you against loss or damage whether traveling by train, inland waterways, air, road, or lift.

2. Personal accident insurance

Another benefit of personal auto insurance is that it includes personal accident coverage up to a certain level. Personal auto insurance protects you from permanent complete disability and death as a result of an accident. Furthermore, for a predetermined cost under the automobile insurance policy, this protection may be purchased for further passengers on an unidentified basis (maximum as per the vehicle’s seating capacity)

3. A simple and hassle-free procedure

When purchasing vehicle insurance coverage, it is important that you do not have to go through a lengthy and inconvenient process. The entire procedure would be straightforward, quick, and convenient. So talk to one of our experienced brokers today.

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