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A bobtail truck is a truck with no trailer attached to it. Bobtail Truck InsuranceTo ‘bobtail’, means to drive a cargo-carrying truck (semi-truck) without a trailer.

Truck drivers will often bobtail when they are contracted to their first pick-up site from dispatch, or after they have delivered a load of cargo.

Bobtail Truck Insurance is similar to non-trucking liability insurance. It provides coverage when operating a truck without a trailer. Bobtail insurance covers the truck anytime it is not attached to a trailer, regardless of whether or not it is under dispatch.

What Does Bobtail Truck Insurance Cover?

Bobtail Truck Insurance covers you if you’re involved in or responsible for an accident while driving a truck under someone else’s trucking liability without a trailer. You may be in an accident after dropping off a load and on your way to pick up another load when this accident occurs and in that case, your bobtail truck insurance will kick in and cover you. Other popular scenarios where this insurance may come into effect include when you’re on your way to collect your first load of the day or on your way home.

In many cases, truckers will often be en-route or between jobs with someone else’s trailer attached to their truck. In this case, you will require trailer in-control insurance. Most insurers will automatically include this type of cover in your comprehensive truck insurance policy up to $70,000 AUD. However, you can extend this offer for further protection.

Do I need Bobtail Truck Insurance? 
Yes. If you drive a truck under someone else’s trucking authority, your liability insurance will only protect you under dispatch or when hauling a trailer. You need individual protection for other scenarios outside of this scope. You don’t need this cover if you DO NOT face scenarios where you must drive a truck without a trailer. If you are driving a truck with someone else’s trailer attached, you will need the trailer in control insurance.

Protect yourself against needing to make a claim
*Park your vehicle in accordance with legislation
*Secure your vehicle in a safe and shelter spaced when not in use

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