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Dump Truck Insurance

A dump truck is used for transporting loose materials and then dumping them on the ground. This type of truck is equipped with a hydraulically tilting body. It can be a rigid assembly, meaning a vehicle consists of a body and cabin, or it can be articulated.

Most dump trucks are used in urban construction sites and in mining sites. Both environments have particular risks that could endanger the financial security of your business. Despite higher safety records in Australia concerning the construction and mining industries than in most other countries, accidents are still an inherent part of the industry. A single accident claim can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, causing a negative impact on your bottom line.

Needless to say, with the right insurance cover, you can be protected from all types of risks you face. Aside from driver injuries, vehicle substitution or replacement, property damage, and other liabilities, you can be covered for legal expenses and other miscellaneous expenses that can immobilize your business.

Part of staying competitive and viable in your industry is making sure you are covered with the right insurance. We provide affordable insurance solutions with a wide range of cover for all types of trucks and heavy equipment. As a leading insurance provider in Australia, we have gained expertise in your industry and offer tailored solutions to your insurance needs.

For all your needs call a market leader with a team of experienced brokers available to provide you with competitive quotes for . Call the team at Truck Insurance HQ on 1300 815 344 or you can request a quote online.