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Earthmoving and Excavator Insurance

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Businesses in the earthmoving, construction, mining, and similar industries have complex insurance needs. The nature of this type of work can be dangerous due to the intense conditions in which you operate. Reading this blog post will help you to understand more about earthmoving equipment insurance. Taking out the right earthmoving equipment insurance is a […]

Concrete Pump Insurance

Concrete pumps are integral to the construction industry, enabling the efficient and precise delivery of concrete. However, these specialized machines come with unique risks and challenges. Securing comprehensive concrete pump insurance is essential for protecting your investment and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Why Concrete Pump Insurance is Essential It is vital for several reasons: Protection Against […]

Top Tractor Manufacturers for Hobby Farmers in Australia

In the past year or so since COVID-19 has come into our lives, the real estate market in Australia has seen a sharp rise in sales of properties of farms in regional areas. One sub-section of this market has been hobby farming with many city people fed up with the pace of city life and […]

Tower Crane

Investing in a tower crane is a significant decision for any construction business. With the high costs and the crucial role these machines play, safeguarding your investment is essential. This is where tower crane insurance comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of it, what it covers, and how it […]

Plant Machinery Insurance for All Potential Machinery Damages

If you are a tradie, contractor or sub-contractor, you probably use plant machinery, equipment and tools daily to do your work.Can you imagine having an accident or if your equipment broke down and left you unable to finish an important job? Here is why having plant and equipment insurance is vital. What is plant and […]

Header/Harvester Insurance

The demand for the food grains are increasing with the growth of the world population. Agriculture businesses have become a major and essential part of Australia’s national domestic and export industries. To meet the demands of the 21st century, production has to happen at a faster pace than ever before. With the indispensable use of […]

Contract Harvesters Insurance

The agricultural industry has many unique needs, characteristics and risk factors. The processes involved in agricultural enterprises are complex, broad and require enough manpower and heavy equipment to successfully carry out activities. In Australia, harvesting conditions can differ substantially from state to state and year to year. For example, in December of 2016 the harvest […]

Earthmoving – Bulldozer

A bulldozer moves on continuous tracks rather than wheels. This tractor has a blade in the front and a ripper in the back. It is frequently used for clearing and levelling land. Its blades are used for this purpose. Ripper blades can be single or with several claw-like attachments in the rear for breaking up […]

Truck Insurance Payment Options

Insurance HQ offers a range of Truck Insurance Payment Options to suit your needs. Our recommendations in regards to payment options will rely on a range of circumstances including: Insurer credit terms. Insurer payment structures including: Deposit premium policies Annual adjustable / Declaration payment policies Annual / Monthly / Declaration based policies Cost savings associated with […]

Tracked Crane

Tracked Crane A tracked crane is also called a crawler. It lifts and lowers heavy materials or moves them from one point to another. Its booms are frequently latticed, with wire ropes and hooks that are attached to sheaves. It also has a hoist for lifting. A tracked crane can operate even in extreme conditions […]