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Mobile Crane Insurance, Crane Insurance Program Mobile Crane Insurance

A mobile crane is available in different sizes and is used for a wide range of load and cargo. It is provided with a telescopic boom that is mounted on a truck. This boom has a hook at the end and is controlled from the carrier cab. This makes it possible to move load from one location to another with just a minimum of set-up upon arrival at the site. It can be hydraulically powered or cable controlled.

Cranes are just some of the thousands of trucks and trailers on Australian roads that are used for road freight. They are powerful and modern with combined road or off road operating capabilities for all types of construction sites.

Mobile cranes are expensive equipment and are used in work environments that are prone to accidents. Even when you take all precautions to ensure safety and smooth operations, things can always go wrong. When they do, having the right insurance cover will protect you from potential financial losses or expenditures.

A single accident can have devastating results. When you have the right insurance company by your side, you don’t need to worry about the security of your business. We provide you with innovative and tailored solutions that work for you and your budget.

If you think insurance is expensive, imagine how much it will cost when the worst happens. You must make sure you have insurance with a wide range of cover. We take time to explain to you how your insurance will work for you.

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