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Tracked Crane InsuranceTracked Crane

A tracked crane is also called a crawler. It lifts and lowers heavy materials or moves them from one point to another. Its booms are frequently latticed, with wire ropes and hooks that are attached to sheaves. It also has a hoist for lifting.

A tracked crane can operate even in extreme conditions and rough ground. It is available in many different sizes with various lifting capabilities.

Tracked cranes are used in many industries in Australia and have helped build its modern cities. These expensive equipment are indispensable to the country’s vibrant industries. As your most valuable assets, you need to have the right insurance cover for all kinds of risks you are exposed to for the supply, rental, and operation of tracked cranes.

As Australia’s leading insurance provider, we have the experience and expertise in your industry that enable us to provide tailored insurance solutions that suit your business and your budget.

We can provide you with the most affordable insurance products that protect your business and your future. Accidents do happen; the smartest thing to do is to be insured and ready for even the worst that could happen.

Insurance in the trucking and transport industry is vital. Make sure that your future is secure with insurance that provides you with a wide range of cover.

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