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NTI Insurance are Australia’s largest Truck Insurers.
Truck Insurance HQ have been working with NTI Insurance since our inception in 2007, and when you work together for over a decade, you can be sure to experience some perks!

We don’t want to toot our oNTI Insurance, Truck Insurance, Truck Insurance Brokerswn horns (no pun intended), but this is where having an industry-specialist broker makes a difference.
When you live and breath such a niche insurance space, you not only know every claims process, tip and trick, but you also have strong relationships with some of the industry’s best. Over our years doing business with NTI we have been able to negotiate competitive and flexible premiums for our customers.

Here is why NTI are Insurers you can count on…

1. Biggest Truck & Transport Insurers in Australia
2. Fantastic Claims Service
3. Great Turn Around Time
4. Reliable & Professional

Here is why we’re your best choice…

1. We negotiate competitive discounts and premiums with NTI for you that you won’t get with many other insurers.
2. Our customers are our bread and butter, serving you and representing your best interest is our number one priority.
3. We have access to over 170 Insurers, we have spent many years establishing strong relationships with our underwriters and securing the best premiums for you.
4. If there is another insurer better suited to your needs, whether this is in terms of your budget or coverage, we will deliver the policy that is in your best interest.
5. Our industry knowledge is unparalleled; with over 10 years of truck, transport, and plant/machinery insurance experience, we have seen, covered and processed claims for EVERYTHING.

If you would like to experience the difference of a multi-award winning brokerage, give our friendly team a call on 1300 815 344 or request an online quote HERE, and find out how much you can save today!