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Back Hoe InsuranceAre you worried your back hoe equipment will be involved in a horrific accident that could result in injury or property damage? If you want to reduce the chances of having to pay large fees for a worker’s personal injury while operating the back hoe, I suggest you read this Back Hoe Insurance Brokers guide.

Introduction to back hoe insurance brokers

One of the types of insurance products intended for heavy equipment is the machinery insurance policy. This insurance product is designed to cover any unexpected incident that could happen including in off-road usage.

Why is machinery insurance for your back hoe insurance brokers important?

Using a heavy equipment like the back hoe for your business’ daily operation exposes you to all types of risks such as potential damage to property, injuries and worst of all, fatalities of workers or a third party. It’s important that when you own and operate heavy equipment to be covered by a comprehensive back hoe machinery insurance policy.

Risks you have to deal with when operating a back hoe equipment

Your back hoe equipment is exposed on a daily basis to risk elements found in our surroundings that could lead to accidents, damage or financial losses. Here are some of the common risks you have to deal with while operating back hoe equipment:

  • Extreme weather conditions

Yes, extreme weather conditions could be hazardous not only to your back hoe equipment but also to the person operating it. In unpredictable weather conditions such as heavy rains or strong winds, poor visibility could be experienced, discomfort for the operator of the heavy equipment, as well as poor stability of the unit and the outcome could be a major accident.

  • Fire

Accidental fire like bush fires in the suburban or regional areas where your back hoe may be operating could endanger the operator, plus result in property damage. It’s crucial that you equip your back hoe operators with fire extinguishers to carry out the initial response to put out the fire. You should also train your operators to call for local emergency assistance.

  • Vehicle operation

Operating heavy equipment like the back hoe may need special training and even certification to ensure the driver doesn’t cause any physical harm or damage to property. If you aren’t covered with a back hoe insurance policy, expect large payouts from your own pocket in case of a third-party liability claim or severe property damage.

  • Poor maintenance

If you don’t observe proper maintenance of your back hoe unit accidents may occur, like a collision due to faulty wiring of lights.

What should be covered in your back hoe insurance policy?

Insurance policies for heavy equipment and machinery do vary and may depend on where they are used as well as their physical structural build. If you feel your concerns require somebody with expertise in machinery insurance policies, it is strongly recommended that you consult a licensed broker. Request a one-on-one meeting to discuss your insurance requirements, including the risks your heavy equipment faces while in use. A good insurance policy must provide peace of mind that you are protected for anything that may arise, regardless of whether the back hoe is in use, on the road or stored.

Truck Insurance HQ are experienced insurance brokers who specialize in the earthmoving sector and are ready to provide you with advice and quotes tailored to your insurance needs. For all your Back Hoe Insurance needs, you can request a quote online or call our office on 1300 815 344 to get a quote.