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Drilling / Trenching Insurance 

A drilling insurance can be a savoir for all the Drilling / trenching contractors who have to encounter quirky and unpredictable risks every day. It becomes difficult to deal with these hazards without any insurance as they can damage your financial stability. At Earth Moving Insurance HQ, we offer the right choice of insurance to the contractors to save them from several losses and maintain their business viability. We offer complete care solutions to our clients that help them to save their employees as well as vehicles or machinery from these risks.
Our experts boast the deep knowledge about the challenges and risks that can occur in front of the contractors threatening them about the safety of workers, success or failure of the project, etc. They will guide you to the perfect path of getting your business insured with the best insurance policies. These policies will help you manage the risk and avoid the accidents and also recover if any loss occurs. Moreover, with our proactive approach to handle the situations we always offer better outcomes including coverage, discounted rates, flexible billing options, and many more. We guarantee the most efficient use of your finances for the business operations and secure your company from future losses.

There are different types of drilling insurance available in the market. You have to choose wisely from them according to the operations coming under your business. Check out some coverage options that are highly recommended by us:
1. Property, Equipment and Pollution Liability

This insurance is to get the coverage against the property, equipment, and pollution at the work site. You can protect your buildings, machines, valuable papers, etc. You can also safeguard the accidents occurring during operation like down-the-hole events, flow breakout, water backup, and many more.

2. Commercial Auto

Here we cover all the vehicles used in your business operations like trucks. We assure the coverage of all parts of a truck including towing, glass claim, etc.

3. Workers Compensation Insurance

With this insurance, you can protect your employees and claim their security. The workers can get the medical expenses if in case they met with the injury while working.

4. Professional Liability

Professional liability assures you with the coverage against product failure, structural inadequacy, and damages to the third party because of the product usage.

5. Employment Practices
This insurance will save you if in case you got stuck in legal defense case or get accused of invalid termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation or civil rights violation.

Earth Moving Insurance also offers some relative insurance policies to clients like Road Making Insurance Australia, Specialized insurance, Machinery insurance, vehicle insurance, management Liability Insurance and many more. This all insurance policies are interrelated while you are in an earth moving business. Select the one according to your specific field and safeguard your business from coming threats on the way of progress.

We are the right agency providing the right coverage at the right price to you. We assure you with the complete safety of your business and offer complete coverage against different claims. Our authorized mentors are always there to provide you the correct solution for all your queries. They have pledged to safeguard their customers from all the risks and help them in exploring the business to a commendable height.
You can contact us anytime and get your company insured with us.


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