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truck insurance australiaCarrier Insurance is essential in the heavy motor vehicle industry. In Australia, transport operators may be subject to public liability and face many perils to cargo they transport and for damage to vehicles, they operate. Claims for injury or damage to third parties, and damage to cargo being transported, could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial losses. Any responsible carrier transporting goods by air, ship, rail or road transport needs protection against such claims through insurance for carriers.

Carriers who own a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles that operate in Australia are also regulated by law and may be subject to penalties and liabilities for damage against public property or public health and welfare. Legal expenses defending such liabilities are also covered by insurance for carriers.

There are many insurance products designed for carriers to ensure that their operations are not impeded by the risks and perils they face in the conduct of their business. Marine Cargo insurance, fleet insurance, and public liability insurance are just some of the insurance for carriers that provide protection to transport operators for their contractual responsibilities while carrying goods in transit.

Find out the best insurance for carriers from leading truck insurance companies in Australia.

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