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Car Hauler InsuranceCar Carrier Insurance

Truck Insurance HQ is one of Australia’s leading truck, transport & machinery insurance specialist.
We cover ALL trucks & transporters including every type of Car Hauler you can imagine.

Despite being your industry specialist with over a decades experience in the sector, we also have access to the largest range of general and specialist car hauler insurance companies in Australia.

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Car haulers are used to transport vehicles on overlapping decks, enclosed or open.  They come in various sizes but commonly carry from 8 to 11 cars.


If you are in the business of vehicle relocation in Australia, you should have adequate insurance that protects from you all types of risk.  A single accident can easily place a huge financial drain on your business.  Fortunately, we understand the business that you do and can review your insurance portfolio to ensure you have the right insurance solutions in place.


Even with the highest standards in security and safety in car transport and motorcycle shipping, accidents can happen. As a player in this industry, you need to make sure you have the best insurance solutions at your disposal.  As a leading insurance provider, we will make sure you provide reliable vehicle transport solutions while financially protected from the risks you face on the road.


Nobody wants to think that the worst can happen but they sometimes do.  A car carrier crash can result in injuries, property damage, and even death.  Vehicles being carried could be damaged or a write off, and numerous wreckers could be required to pull the trailer and damaged vehicles off the road.  The costs for this accident can do tremendous damage to your business, but with the right Car carriers insurance package in place, you can meet these challenges more effectively.


Don’t take risks.  Talk to us at Truck Insurance HQ about the best car carrier insurance solutions for your business.  Request a quote online or ask about your best risk management solutions by phoning  1300 815 344.


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