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Cement Mixer InsuranceDo you own and operate a cement mixer for your construction business? If yes, have you ever thought of ways to prolong its service? One of the best ways to protect this heavy duty equipment and ensure its top performance is by following these care and maintenance tips as suggested by a cement mixer insurance provider.

Tip #1 – Perform appropriate cleaning

Cleaning your cement mixer after every use is a must to ensure no residue of cement is left. You can start by using water and gravel mixture to remove the cement found inside the mixer. You should keep rotating the cement mixer for at least 15 minutes to ensure the drum is completely clean of any residue. Use a top performing hose, then let it air dry before moving it back to the storage area.

Tip #2 – Apply grease on the outer part of the cement mixer

It’s common to see cement build-up on the outer part of the cement mixer. If you want to avoid the cement from accumulating on the surface, apply grease on the outer part. If you are just renting the cement mixer according to a cement mixer insurance provider, follow the proper greasing technique provided in the heavy duty equipment’s care manual before applying any greasing product. Remember, if something happens that can lead to the deterioration of this unit, you could be held liable.

Tip #3 – Lightly coat the inside of the mixer

If you want to prevent the cement mixture from sticking inside the mixer, lightly coat the inside with diesel fuel, particularly before mixing. Be sure to coat it sparingly because excessive coating with this type of fuel could affect the natural consistency of the cement mixture.

Tip #4 – Replace the worn cement mixer blade

As per advice given by cement mixer insurance provider, replace the worn cement mixer blade to guarantee top performance when in use and do a regular inspection during its shutdown.

Tip #5 – Buy the right protection coverage

Lastly, for extended protection against unforeseen events such as sudden breakdown, accidents or property damage, buy the right protection coverage for your cement mixer insurance policy. If you aren’t sure which is ideal for your cement mixer model, ask a licensed broker to help you make the right selection. Remember, this heavy duty equipment is one of your business’ assets and should be given protection to avoid disruption from operation.

Where to buy a cement mixer insurance policy?

There are many options when purchasing a cement mixer insurance policy, either directly from an insurance company near you, or buy via an online insurer’s website. You can also use an insurance broker as middleman to help you find and secure the best cement mixer insurance policy to meet your needs.

Is being covered with a cement mixer insurance policy expensive?

Buying a cement mixer insurance policy need not be expensive as long as you know your real insurance needs, including the daily risk elements that this unit is exposed to while in operation or stored at the work site.

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