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Being predominantly a highly dangerous job, earthmovers particularly drivers of heavy equipment involved in construction activities are known to account the highest insurance claims in all of Australia. These professional truckies are not just exposed to the usual rigors of driving but more so with the gargantuan hazards of nature’s elements. From inclement weather to accidents and occupational hazards, these hardworking drivers often put themselves on the frontlines of risks to ensure that projects are done on time, if not ahead of it. But with such demanding and risky tasks at hand, what do you believe are the most common reasons filed to collect insurance claims in behalf of income protection for earthmovers?

According to statistics, approximately 18 percent of on-the-job fatalities and 23 percent of injuries accounted that of earthmoving activities. Drivers of heavy equipment who take charge in construction sites are known to be exposed to highly hazardous work environment having been surrounded with building materials, humungous tools and machinery, and vast numbers of construction workers. When it comes to income protection for earthmovers, the following reasons are often noted to account most of the claims filed year after year.

Slips and Falls. Heavy equipment drivers do not just maneuver their huge vehicles. They need to embark and disembark them as well as go around carrying huge loads of materials around the site trudging on uneven ground, loose earth or areas filled with holes. If the mean machine they’re driving slips or falls to uncharted crevices, it could mean injuries which can either be disabling or fatal. Earthmovers may also trip or fall when disembarking from their vehicle sustaining injuries.

Collisions. Earthmoving vehicles like excavators, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, motor graders, trenchers, and so on require expert professional drivers to operate. Not anyone with a driver’s license can go around driving these mean machines. One needs to have the necessary training and experience to do so. But like other vehicles, size doesn’t matter when collision accident strikes. Earthmovers operating the vehicle can either be injured or die allowing for claims to be filed on their insurer.

Falling Debris/Materials. There are far meaner elements of nature out there. No matter how huge a bulldozer or how tough an excavator is, boulders of rocks can easily topple them leading their operators to injuries or to their early deaths. Aside from natural elements, heavy tools, sharp beams or humungous building materials can easily fall and pierce protective covering of earthmoving vehicles injuring a driver at the helm.

Explosions. A common incident in construction industries, earthmoving vehicle drivers can become disable or die an untimely death from this. This may be caused by leaking gases, uncharted ground pipes, faulty electrical systems, and so on. In some cases, mining explosions while earthmoving vehicles are being used can also lead to injuries resulting to income protection claims.

Electrocutions. Construction and mining sites are two of the most accident-trigger-happy work sites. Earthmovers who drive bulky vehicles for a living to lift or transfer gargantuan stuff from one place or another are often exposed to power lines or unsafe electrical system usually powered at thousands of volts– which can lead to electric shock.

Overexertion. The body can only take so much. Earthmovers are often exposed to hard labor in the midst of extremely hot or cold or humid conditions. When there’s no fatigue management in place, these professional drivers can easily succumb to ill health or may even fall into debilitating heat stroke.

Size does not matter when it comes to risks and hazards in the earthmoving business. No matter how huge a bulldozer, a backhoe or an excavator, accidents can happen. When a professional driver is injured, those who have income protection for earthmovers can always file for a claim immediately as this will help alleviate the negative impact to the family’s livelihood. With these causes being identified, it is only fitting for earthmovers to be extra cautious each time.

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Income protection insurance for earthmovers Australia online.
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