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Compressor Insurance

Compressors are widely used for industrial businesses for painting jobs, chemical spraying and sand blasting including air dusting. If you depend on this unit for your day-to-day business operation, follow these easy steps shared by a compressor insurance provider on how to care and maintain your compressor in excellent condition.

Step #1 – Clean the unit regularly

Among the tasks that you must not overlook if you use the compressor often is cleaning it on a regular basis. Why? This machine is exposed to external elements found in our surroundings that could cause its early deterioration. I recommend you schedule a particular time, either once a week or bi-weekly, where you clean it thoroughly and remove all the particles that have accumulated over time like dirt, dust and harmful pollutants. While cleaning the compressor check for signs of wear or tear on parts. If you notice some need repair or replacement, contact an expert in this area to prevent further damage.

Step #2 – Use recommended lubricants

The compressor may also require lubrication if you want it to perform at its best. I strongly advise you only use the lubricating products recommended in the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Step #3 – Inspect the wiring

The compressor also has electrical wires that can experience wear and tear due to continuous use. If you don’t want to experience disruption to your work due to a non-operational compressor, among the strategies to prolong its service mentioned by a compressor insurance provider is the careful inspection of the wiring. Replace any worn wires to avoid further damage to the unit or worse, wires that cause accidental fire.

Step #4 – Store the unit in a safe place

A compressor is an expensive unit. It’s vital that you store this machine in a safe place away from hazardous chemicals that may cause damage or explosion. When you store the compressor be sure that it’s properly secured against thieves or vandals. Keep in mind that if, when filing a claim on your compressor insurance policy, you are found negligent you might not receive any financial assistance for repairs or replacement of this machine.

Step #5 – Get the right protection coverage from your insurer

Getting the right coverage from your insurer is the best form of protection you can extend for this costly unit. Remember, not all compressor insurance policies are alike or offer the same level of protection coverage. If you want to make sure this unit is fully protected against unavoidable events that result in damage, loss or injury to the operator or third party, ask the insurance company to provide you a complete list of the different types of protection coverage available.

Proper care and maintenance is just one of the best practices to prolong the service of a compressor machine. In addition, you can also protect it against unpredictable incidents like fire, water damage or loss if you buy the right compressor insurance policy.

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