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5ba9ebb8a4f89b113c45f93759db97f71Do you want to have a successful meeting with your prospective Type 1 Road train insurance broker? If yes, follow these helpful interviewing tips to ensure you get the most from your insurance policy, when you do place cover with an insurer.
Tip #1 – Prepare a list of questions ahead of time
This is your initial task when scheduling a time to interview a prospective Type 1 Road train insurance broker, prepare the list of questions in advance so that you don’t end up not knowing what to ask as the interview goes on. Make sure you ask relevant questions that will help you get the desired answers such as:
How long have you been an insurance broker?
Are you connected to a large number of reputable insurance companies?
How much do you charge for your Broker fees?
Will you provide assistance before, during, and after the insurance policy is purchased?
Can you work on a Type 1 Road train insurance policy within my preferred budget?
What happens if I miss the monthly insurance payments?
Can I change my insurance policy coverage at any time?
Tip #2 – Practice the interview session
You might laugh about this whole idea, but it does make sense that you take time to practice the interview session, so that you are confident and will not feel nervous asking the right questions with your prospective Type 1 Road train insurance broker. You can request a friend or family member to do a role-play during your spare time and act as the interviewer. Keep in mind practicing your line for the interview allows you to imprint everything in your mind and make the whole process less complicated.
Tip #3 – Dress appropriately for the interview
Even if you will just meet the potential Type 1 Road train insurance broker at a local café, it’s a must that you dress appropriately for this interview to showcase your professionalism and seriousness of finding the right broker to do this crucial job for you. Find an outfit that will exhibit power and demand attention. Choose clothes with shades of grey or black to project a strong personality. Besides, bold colors will only cause a distraction to the broker/s you will meet.
Tip #4 – Arrive early
If you and the prospective insurance broker decide to meet at his or her private office, I recommend you arrive early at least 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview. Why? Arriving early at the appointed meeting place will give you plenty of time to relax, freshen up, and prepare yourself for the interview. If you aren’t driving your vehicle, do the necessary transport arrangements ahead of time at least a day before the actual interview date.
Tip #5 – Be sincere
Lastly, the overall success of this interview depends entirely on you and your questions. Be sincere when asking the insurance broker any questions you want further explained. If there’s an issue bothering you, feel free to confide your problems like a limited budget for the Type 1 Road train insurance for example. I’m sure the insurance broker will be happy to find the most affordable insurance policy to suit your budget.
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