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bulldozer-0031A bulldozer moves on continuous tracks rather than wheels. This tractor has a blade in the front and a ripper in the back. It is frequently used for clearing and levelling land. Its blades are used for this purpose.

Ripper blades can be single or with several claw-like attachments in the rear for breaking up concrete, rock, and other dense materials.

Bulldozers are valuable equipment and machinery that should be insured with the right insurer. At Truck Insurance HQ we specialize in equipment and machinery insurance. With our long years of experience and expertise, we can provide insurance tools that are guaranteed to provide you with a wide range of cover for all types of risks.

Machinery insurance can be designed for a wide variety of applications both mobile and stationary. Earthmoving exposes you to certain risks such as physical damage, equipment pull out or recovery expenses, and more.

As a machinery owner, you need to understand the terms of your insurance. Speak to an insurance provider that understands the type of work you do and what your machinery undertakes. Some of the benefits you may need are: recovery expenses, substitute hire, road liability and machinery replacement.

Make sure you have equipment and machinery insurance from Australia’s leading insurers at Tuck Insurance HQ, we have 170 insurers to choose from, so in order to get you the best insurance for your needs give one of our Specialised insurance advisers a call in the office on 1300 815 344 or Select ‘Request a Quote’ online and one of our specialist insurance advisers will contact you.