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Grader Insurance

A Grader creates flat surfaces on construction sites and maintaining gravel or dirt roads. A standard grader is equipped with 3 axles, with 2 rear axles supporting the engine and cabin while the 3rd axle is at front of the vehicle where the blade is used for grading.

Safety is a high priority among those working in the trucking and heavy equipment sectors. No driver or operator wants to cause injury or damage to property, but accidents do happen. In construction sites, risks for such accidents are high despite safety precautions. In the event of an accident, an operator can incur heavy losses for injuries, property damage, environmental safety violations, and other general liabilities.

To this end, insurance is essential so that your business is protected against such risks. Most operators understand the importance of having the right insurance. We provide a wide range of cover for the risks you face at a more affordable cost.

We know it is important for any business to find ways to save money to remain viable. We offer innovative insurance solutions that let you save money on premiums without sacrificing range of cover.

Speak to our insurance experts at Truck Insurance HQ today for tailored insurance solutions for your business. Call us on 1300 815 344 or go online to request a quote to get the most competitive insurance quotes in Australia.