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Income Protection Insurance for Couriers

Courier Van Insurance

The holidays are here once again and online shops will be buzzing with excitement. Couriers in Australia will also be on double time as the demand for deliveries soars in the next few days. But along with the excitement, so is the usual dread of couriers– theft in either goods or vehicle. While many couriers have their liability insurance, vehicle insurance, goods in transit insurance and income protection insurance for couriers Australia financial experts still highly recommend beefing up safety and security.

Beating Thieves to A Pulp

As a courier, it is not enough to simply rely on your Australia couriers income protection insurance, goods insurance, or any insurance to protect your business or job for that matter. When the holidays roll, you will also be one of the primary targets by hoodlums looking for easy money. They my break into your vehicle to steal goods or hijack your van. You may also be in direct line of danger from assault or worse, being shot or stabbed. In all these, there is one thing that these evil-doers look– poor security– and that’s something you can do something about.

To address this problem, the need to create a foolproof security system in place is required. Beating thieves in their own game can actually be done with just the right approach. According to security professionals, this system falls into three categories– preventive, curative and recovery. Each of this category addresses specific issues which point to resolving problems concerning courier theft.

How to Do It

As the name implies, preventive system is one way to deter supposed theft before it even happens. Certain precautions like always locking your vehicle’s doors and windows wherever, whenever and no matter how short the time you may be away from your vehicle. Leaving keys on the ignition or smartphone and other device for a passerby to see is magnet for dreadful acts. Aside from choosing to park in a well-lit and, if possible, fully secured area, it is also best to indicate that your vehicle is equipped with a tracker or alarm system.

If by some stroke of bad luck your vehicle’s security system is breached, finding a way for them not to careen off with your courier van would be wise. You can retrofit an immobiliser or set alarms in place. Deadlocks and slam locks, as well as secure van boxes may also be installed. Recovery, on the other hand, can be made possible if a tracker is installed. While your goods may be compromised or when you are attacked and left injured, having a good insurance coverage in place will definitely provide a safety net while you recoup losses and recuperate.

Even on off-peak seasons, courier vans are always magnet for thieves. Year after year, courier operators and employees alike have to break their piggybanks to address this problem. The strategies mentioned can truly be a big help. To ensure recouping your losses, do remember to always have a dependable insurance, too. For income protection insurance for couriers Australia coverage, call our hotline or send us a request for a consultation.