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Income protection insurance for couriers

Courier drivers may seem a lucrative job with parcel or package deliveries hitting it high in the first quarter of 2017. With this development, however, the rising number of road mishaps resulting to injuries or fatalities also doubles. Add to that the eclectic weather of the country with extreme condition affecting even the most careful of courier operators. Aside from these, drivers are also exposed to heavy lifting or bending, long travel hours, fatigue, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle while on the road.

Think about 5 to 6 hours of driving with only a single pit stop to answer “nature’s call.” Such sedentary and fatigued lifestyle often results to various health conditions such as:

  • Spine, back or neck strains

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Eyesight deterioration

  • Obesity

Obviously, hours of being immobile on the road, heavy hauls, and uncomfortable sleeping accommodation and unhealthy eating habits while on the road can lead to chronic diseases leading to productivity loss. Additionally, altercation with robbers or thieves may also cause both physical and mental anguish to a courier driver leaving the battered and out of work for longer periods of time. This, in turn, results to loss of income– to the chagrin of the courier driver and his or her family members.

Courier Drivers Income Protection

Facing such heavy woes, it is only fitting for courier drivers to seek out an insurance policy that gives them a sense of protection when out of job. While there are various insurance covers to protect one’s vehicle or business as well as driver hospitalization and medical needs, addressing their daily needs as well as that of their family can be taxing.

Income protection insurance is a specialized insurance cover that answers just that. When courier drivers suffer from injuries due to an accident or fell ill due to exposure from the job and other factors, most insurers foot the bill for hospitalization or post-rehab aspects. This bandage approach may be helpful but when a driver has a family, loss of income can be devastating to everyone. With a tailored income protection insurance in place, one can rest easy knowing that the whole family have something to fall back on when something untoward happens.

Overall, income protection insurance for couriers is fast becoming a necessity in a highly lucrative and demanding job. With the growing number of risks and hazards these drivers are facing on-and-off the road, it is only fitting to find the right insurer which can offer the best protection available albeit at an affordable premium. To do so, the help of a reliable financial adviser can come handy.

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