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Jinker Trailer InsuranceJinker Trailer Insurance

A trailer used for transporting logs is called a jinker. It is usually connected to a prime mover during transport. A jinker could be used for normal bitumen roads or for rough ground where logs are loaded in a forest.

Off road trucks can have a maximum of 9 axles to provide low ground pressure and good traction. They also have specialised tires and suspension. These high-powered trucks can tow significantly heavy loads. Logs are loaded with the use of cranes and winches and rolled off the trailer during unloading.

It takes great skill and experience to transport logs. Jinker operators take care to maintain good safety records and comply with government regulations governing transport of their cargo. Despite all precautions, accidents do happen. When they do happen, it pays to have good insurance cover in place to help with truck repairs, accident claims and other liabilities.

In Australia, compliance with regulations that protect the well-being and safety of the general public is mandatory in order to move cargo. They include highway and transportation acts, safety, labour and criminal codes, fuel taxes and handling of dangerous goods.

Ensure that your business is protected from the risks you take during loading, unloading and transport of logs. As a truck owner or operator, you can be safe from potential risks that could endanger your business.

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