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Mini Digger Insurance

Operating any type of excavator or earth moving equipment comes with unique risks. Following the correct safety protocol and taking adequate precautions isn’t always enough. The nature of excavating activities means that accidental injury and damage can happen. As well as being aware of the risks involved and how to mitigate them, it’s important to have a solid insurance policy in place.

What is Mini Digger Insurance?

Mini digger insurance provides cover for accidents, injuries and damage to your property or third party property as a result of your mini digger. Some of the top risks for businesses and individuals that use mini diggers are:

  • Theft
  • Malicious and accidental damage
  • Damage to public and surrounding property
  • Injury to an operator or third party
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of mini digger

There are different levels of cover available depending on your business requirements and risk exposures. A specialist insurance broker can find you a tailored package, but cover generally ranges from third party/third party, fire and theft to comprehensive cover. Some businesses may opt for accidental damage, fire and theft only, while others may also need personal accident and public liability. 

There may also be different cover options available for mini diggers and excavators that are owned, hired in plant or leased.

How Much Does Mini Digger Hire Insurance Cost?

The cost for a mini digger insurance premium varies depending on factors including:

  • The type of mini digger you operate 
  • The number of mini diggers in your fleet
  • Drivers’ level of experience
  • Total value of your mini diggers 
  • Level of security and storage 
  • Your drivers’ claim history 

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Truck Insurance HQ is a leading insurance brokerage in the truck, transport and earthmoving equipment industry. In addition to mini diggers, we also offer insurance cover for a wide range of plant and excavating equipment including scissor lifts, bobcats, compressors, cranes, tractors and more.

There are different levels of mini digger cover available depending on the nature of your business operations and risk exposures. Our specialist brokers have access to over 170 insurers both in Australia and overseas. We can help you find the most suitable cover at the most affordable prices.

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