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What is Race Car Transporter Insurance?

Race Car Transporter Insurance refers to the protection of your race car transportation vehicle (van/truck/trailer) and the race car itself during transit.

There are two different types of Race Car Transporter Insurance policies.

1. Insurance for your Hobby Race Car & Transportation Vehicle (Truck/Van/Trailer)

This type of insurance covers your racing vehicle during transportation and your transportation vehicle.
This is the best insurance policy for anyone who races cars for fun and attends track days.
In addition to ensuring your race car transportation vehicle and race car during transit, we can also offer you total comprehensive insurance on the race car itself. We offer coverage for when your transporter and/or race car is in storage, in addition to being able to offer cover for domestic and/or international transit.

My Race Car Transporter is registered under my business, can it still be insured for personal use?

Absolutely, Truck Insurance HQ can ensure you are personally protected and covered even if your race car transporter and vehicle are registered under your business name.
Important note: We cannot offer coverage for your vehicle on the racetrack. 

2. Insurance for Professional Race Car & Transportation Vehicle (Truck/Van/Trailer)

We offer insurance for professional race car drivers, driving teams and their transporting vehicles, trailers and dedicated racing cars.
We understand that when you are attending race events you a moving highly valuable and specialized vehicles.
This isn’t insurance you want to half-sort out.  You want to ensure you have coverage where it counts should anything go wrong.
We offer insurance from your specialized racing vehicles to their protection during transit, your vehicle of transportation itself (likely a fully enclosed trailer), your tools, equipment, and even your spare parts.
We offer insurance protection for international and domestic transit.
If you need to transport your performance cars overseas, we can over several million dollars worth of protection in shipment cover.
Important note: We cannot offer coverage for your vehicle on the racetrack. 

If you’re looking for the best insurance for any aspect of your career and/or vehicles, give our friendly team at Insurance HQ a call.
We’ll ensure you’re put through to our specialized vehicle insurance broker.
You can ask whatever questions you need, seek advice and ultimately make the right decision for you.

As with most policies, we can completely custom-tailor your insurance policy to suit you and your business needs.
To experience the difference of a niche and dedicated insurance brokerage with over a decade of experience and multiple awards within the industry, give us a call on 1300 815 344 or request a quote HERE.