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Do you own and drive Refrigerated Cargo every single day? If yes, your vehicle could be the target of thieves on the lookout for hot sellable items. If you want to avoid issues of potential theft arising while on a road trip, here are some safety tips to help you safeguard and protect your vehicle according to a refrigerated cargo insurance provider.

Tip #1 – Plan your delivery routes ahead

If you are using the Refrigerated Cargo on a daily basis for your perishable goods delivery, I suggest you plan your delivery routes ahead. Why? Knowing the exact route to go or quickest alternative route during the night could keep you safe from thieves who are on the lookout for their new victims. Remember, if you stay on the road longer looking for the next route or exit this further exposes you to the potential theft issue, especially if you don’t have a clue about the area or the location of the nearest service station.

Tip #2 – Remember the distinct markings of your vehicle

As owner of a Refrigerated Cargo vehicle it’s important that you remember every distinctive marking that you can find on this unit to help you easily distinguish it if stolen. I strongly advise that the moment you buy the refrigerated cargo unit that you take a photo as well as apply appropriate identifying markings as proof of ownership.

Tip #3 – Avoid parking in areas with poor lighting

If you have an urgency to park make it your aim to find a well lit area and park. As much as possible avoid parking in areas with limited or poor lighting because there lies the possibility that a criminal is hiding and waiting for that opportunity to carry out their intention of hijacking your vehicle.

Tip #4 – Keep records of your vehicle

As part of your safety measures, keep records of your vehicle in a safe place so that in the event you need to report a stolen vehicle at the local police station, you can easily show them your official receipt of ownership, vehicle registration and other records that will confirm that you are the legal owner. Aside from that, safekeeping your cargo records will ensure quick access if the Refrigerated Cargo insurance company requires them during the filing of an insurance claim.

Tip #5 – Install alarms and safety locks

Driving an expensive Refrigerated Cargo vehicle is a hotspot for thieves, so it’s necessary to install alarms and safety locks to prevent thieves from getting easy access to the driver’s seat. If you aren’t sure what type of safety lock or alarm device is ideal for your type of vehicle, inquire with an auto accessory shop for advice. Using these safety devices will also convince the Refrigerated Cargo insurance provider to lower your insurance quote, since you are applying additional safety measures to safeguard and protect your vehicle.

Limit the chances of potential theft by implementing the best safety measures at your disposal to ward off criminal activity. Also, purchase a comprehensive Refrigerated Cargo insurance policy to guarantee your protection for any risk that may arise beyond your control.

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