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Rigid Trailer InsuranceThere are more than 500,000 trucks operating on Australian roads and highways. These trucks are different from the ones that were used a decade ago. Highly sophisticated and modern, they are able to meet the ever changing needs of the Australian market but they are also more expensive.

General freight vehicle types in Australia are diverse. A specified combination of vehicles like rigid trailers are approved for specific routes. They provide greater flexibility of movement and efficiency of transport while optimising costs of road freight. Controls and regulations governing the operation of such vehicles have progressively changed in light of years of experience and technology advancements.

Rigid trailers include 2 axle flat top dog trailers. These trailers are so called because they follow a towing vehicle obediently. They have various configurations including flat tops, tippers, and tankers. In their simplest form, they are considered to be very affordable but then have limited loading capacity due to their axle configurations. When a trailer is connected to a rigid, you have a rigid and a dog trailer unit.

Another rigid trailer type is a pig trailer that is so called from the way the trailer behaves while being towed and when it is reversed.

Rigid trailers are part of Australia’s trucking industry. No matter what type of load you carry and the purpose of your transport, you need to have truck insurance that provides you with ample cover for the risks you face.

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